Making Communities STRONGER through SFR!

Our Mission is to positively impact every community that we operate in. Whether it be through our business efforts or philanthropic endeavors, we will strengthen communities around the United States one by one, and day by day. Our business efforts make this possible.

We are here to help companies that buy properties and manage portfolios of properties. Its very simple. We help acquire properties. We then inspect, secure, bid, fix, maintain, and help with renting or disposition. Nationwide. Drive down those turn times with us as your partner. ResView is headquartered in Park City, UT, with offices in Dallas, TX, Tampa, FL, and an employee and vendor presence Nationwide. Let’s bridge the industry gap together…..Construction and Maintenance oversight.


Efficiency is key in the process. We understand that at the highest level. We have processes and systems in place to streamline cradle to grave to increase your returns. Ask us how today!


Compete with any company, in any town, now. Do you have a software platform that YOU control with full transparency? What about a mobile app for your contractors to upload results and pictures in real-time? Buy properties better than the competition, deploy more money and faster? Ask us how, today!


The timeline from purchase to tenant in the property and first months rent paid is vital. We have experience and processes to shrinking this timeline for your investors! Lets chat ASAP.

The Insiders Corner

ResView Insiders Corner: Our team is here to assist with anything related to the business of Buying, inspecting, assessing, securing, bidding, fixing, managing, maintaining, renting, or disposing of Real Estate. Or, if you are just looking for good contractors in certain markets, we are very versed in Vendor Management. And we have extensive relationships across the country. We can also help in building your vendor management arm. Contact us to find out more, today!


Are you a large SFR (Single Family Residence) group, and still using 4-5 pieces of software? No need. Consolidate to just ONE! Manage a portfolio of properties with ease of use from the staff, vendor, or investor’s viewpoint. Have real-time results coming in from the field from vendors. Transparency, Transparency, & more Transparency.


Whether you are a Buy-Fix-Sell or a Buy-Fix-Rent model, we want to be your Construction & Maintenance Oversight partner. We believe that the biggest hinderance to a better ROI, is obviously quicker turn times. And quicker turn times are the result of better human capital, better technology & transparency, and excellent communication. This is what ResView encompasses to the core.
Need ground services in a certain market? We can help. Need the best realtor recommendations? Our network extends nationwide. Need technology to maintain homes more efficiently? We can help. We’re on standby and ready to assist!