At ResView, we consider our vendors an extension of our company. ResView vendors are the most professional, experienced and knowledgeable partners available in the field. We have developed an extensive, nationwide network of insured General Contractors and subcontractors. ResView is committed to developing programs that will add value for vendors and empower them to succeed while continuing to meet the growing demand for services. Our network of specialized vendors are dedicated to performing property repair and rehab services in a timely and cost efficient manner. We take responsibility on behalf of our clients for maintaining and repairing properties with an emphasis on neighborhood integrity.

Our Mission
Providing superior services to our clients by building long-term partnerships with professional contractors. ResView vendors are the most professional, experienced and knowledgeable partners available in the field in our local markets, and vital to the success of many in the process.

We represent some of the top SFR firms in the country, as well as smaller-individual investors in their local markets. We handle construction oversight on their renovations, repairs, and warranty items on their homes. We also assist in real estate broker services and oversee their purchase and rental transactions.

Type of Contractor work

Cosmetic: $2k-15k

Higher-end/More Detail:  $5k-50k


Repair/Warranty/Maintenance work: Price specific and work order approved by contractor prior to work

Investor Protected-Investor Certified
In all markets that we operate, we utilize local-vetted talent, while supplying multiple bids to compete on best price, and availability for better turn-times. Our goal is more marketability, and ultimately better ROI. Through all of these practices, we build stronger, long-term relationships with all parties involved.

RenoTek is a proprietary software system. It is a real-time application that allows ResView’s vendors to manage all of their work-orders for ResView. It includes a workflow monitor that allows vendors to organize their current work into queues, providing an easy way to manage all their work from ResView. It provides more transparency for everyone involved in the process.

ResView On-Demand Mobile App
ResView offers a state-of-the-art mobile application for our vendors to upload photos, videos, and property reports in real-time from the field. This creates more transparency for property owners, property managers, staff, and investors.

Diversity Program Policy Statement and Commitment
ResView understands the importance of supporting and promoting diversified enterprises to the economies of our nation, the state and the communities serviced. We are compelled to pursue successful business relationships with diversified vendors in order to create sustainable economic development in the communities where we live, work and provide service for on behalf of our clients. Our vendor management group is committed to making good-faith efforts to give all diversified vendors an opportunity to compete and provide professional quality services.