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Construction. Renovation. Repair. Maintenance. Mobile App.







Types of Clients Served: 



Long-Term Rental Portfolios

Short-Term Vacation Rental Portfolios


New Construction: Visibility on the build from start to finish. Manage the project, contractors, draw-schedules, and time lines better. Real-time picture, video and documentation updates from the field through our mobile app.

Renovation: Complete transparency on the project from start to finish. Easy for staff, investors, vendors to stay informed of progress or lack there of, so that quicker decisions can be made with a more proactive approach. Control and stay organized with the bid process now.

Repairs/Maintenance: Vetted vendors throughout the country to utilize a vendor and staff friendly system to receive and complete work-orders. A Quality-Control system in place for staff to assure the work was completed properly and on-time. the system truly helps with large amounts of properties receiving work orders throughout the country. Automation components in place to manage on-going maintenance like grass cuts and snow removals.

Mobile App – PocketSnap

Do you have a sophisticated app in place for your renters and vendors to use from the field?  Are you providing conveniences at the touch of a button at the renters fingertips?  Are you able to receive repair and maintenance updates in Real-Time from the property when your contractor is done with the work order? Now you can, and are able provide another level of service for your renters, and more transparency for your staff and investors.

….Up your technology game today and let’s go get more marketshare for your company. No more losing to the big players in your markets. It is time to compete….together!

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