RENO & Maintenance Oversight

Inspect. Secure. Bid. Fix. Maintain. Rent.

ResView Construction Oversight Management

Are you tired of filling rooms with cubicles and paying exuberant salaries to only have those employees operate with a clock-in, clock-out mentality to manage your renovations which we all know requires after-hours communication in order to get projects done better and faster.

Bring on a True PARTNER. ResView will act as a partner in your operations, and take ownership in the projects and process.

EXPERIENCE: Our leadership team brings knowledge and real experience from successfully managing a fund that transacted on 100+ deals per month, renovated and sold, to managing 50k+ residential assets per month nationwide which included inspections, renovations, repairs, and maintenance.

TECHNOLOGY: Our software allows our client partners/investors to have full transparency on projects in real-time. A mobile app for our contractors from the field to update results via pictures, videos, and documentation, in real-time.

NETWORK: Our team has built and managed vendor management groups upwards of 7,000+ in all 50 states, in the past for large companies. We have access to a current vendor network of roughly 30k. Realtors, handymen, renovation contractors, etc.

PROCESS: Build a Winning Formula for your business model with our help. One that is simple, organized, and fluid and runs like “A well oil-tuned machine.” We have done this before many times over and continue to. Lets us help you as well.

HAPPY TENANTS: When things are done properly and on time, it creates a great start to a tenant/management relationship. This is our Goal.

MAINTENANCE: Utilize our technology and contractor network to accomplish the proper maintenance system for your homes. With experience in managing the maintenance on 10’s of thousands of properties at one time, we can definitely help.